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The Digital Lynx 10S encompasses the chassis, backplane, control board, power supply and optical ethernet connection for the Digital Lynx acquisition system. Built in features include a 16 bit TTL input port and a clock synchronization connection for linking multiple systems. The 10S version of the Digital Lynx has a 10 board backplane that can support from 32 up to 320 acquisition channels. AC or DC coupled Input Boards, required for signal acquisition, and Digital Reference Selectors are sold separately.

DigitalLynx10S User Manual

Technical Specifications
External Power:15VDC, 3A
Fiber Optics:SC 1.25Gb/s full duplex
Timestamp Clock:Global 1µs 50% duty
TTL Input/Outputs:2.5V or 5V TTL
Expansion Slots:10 (up to 320 channels)

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