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LED used with Neuralynx headstages for Video Tracking.

Available in Blue, Red and Green (omni-directional) and Infrared.

Sold individually. No longer sold in an assembly kit.


Dimensions (LxWxH): 17.7mm x 3.6mm x 4.95mm

Inserted Length: 14.7mm

Mass: .23 grams


Dimensions (LxWxH): 15.5mm x 3.7mm x 3.9mm

Inserted Length: 11.4mm 

Mass: .29 grams

HS-LED-color-3.3V:  wireless (Cube2) and MUX headstages (HS-XX-MUX)

    **Identified by black band of heat shrink

  • HS-LED-Blue-3.3V: 1 blue, omni-directional
  • HS-LED-Red-3.3V: 1 red, omni-directional

  • HS-LED-Green-3.3V: 1 green, omni-directional
  • HS-LED-IR-3.3V: 1 infrared 

HS-LED-color-10Vanalog headstages (HS-16/18/27/36-LED)

  • HS-LED-Blue-10V: 1 blue, omni-directional

  • HS-LED-Red-10V: 1 red, omni-directional
  • HS-LED-Green-10V: 1 green, omni-directional
  • HS-LED-IR-10V:  1 infrared 

Each HS-LED-color-3.3V/10V sold separately. No longer sold as part of an assembly kit.

Compatible with Halo-18 Microdrive

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