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​The Neuralynx HS-72-QC is the active electronic part of the headstage (HS) and tether system. It provides 64 channels of unity gain amplification, 8 references, ground, and 4 differential stimulation lines.   The HS-72-QC implements the revolutionary QuickClip® connection method, allowing the HS to self-align and then connect to the Electrode Interface Board (EIB) with minimal insertion force.

HS-72-QC User Manual

​Diameter: 38.1 mm Weight 4.7 grams

Signals: 64 signals, 8 ref, 4 stim, 1 gnd

Connection:  QuickClip® connection

  • LEDs
    • Standard colors: red and blue
    • Also available in infrared and green
    • Headstage P/N with tracking LEDs: HS-72-QC-LED
    • Compatible with Halo-18 Microdrive
  • Fiber Mounted LEDs (FLEDs) and Halo 10/18 Microdrive, along with compatible EIBs, Tether and Adapter.
  • ​higher cycle count
  • less stress on animal and researcher
  • near zero insertion force
  • self-aligning
  • lower profile
  • advanced video tracking LED system

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