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​With HS-36-Stim, you can stimulate & record from all electrodes.

Deliver stimulation current to microwire recording electrodes & stimulation probes with a small switch array for each electrode connection to 2 stimulus sources and ground. 

Embedded micro-controller stores & executes stimulation sequences. Software controlled stimulus sequences deliver to multiple electrodes simultaneously. Record neural activity immediately after stimulation with DC coupled Digital Lynx SX input boards.

HS-36-stim User Manual

​Omnetics pre-amplifier with low noise, low power and low input bias current op-amps.

32 recording channels, 2 differential stimulus lines, 4 references

Unity gain = 1.00000 amplification (buffering)

Power for op-amps: +/- 5 Volts


Omnetics 44 socket (Female) dual row nano connector with 2 guide posts (Omnetics part # A9436-801)

Omnetics 44 pin (Male) dual row nano connector with 2 guide post holes (Omnetics part # A9509-801)

*Neuralynx is not a distributor of Omnetics parts.

HS-36-Stim-LED:  Supports surface-mount HS-LEDs

  • Durable, small, Omnetics connectors
  • Precise unity gain improves Common Mode Rejection Ratio (CMRR)
  • Lower output impedance reduces noise susceptibility
  • Stimulate on any channel

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