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HS-32-MUX digitizes analog neural signals on the headstage to reduce tether cable wire count, weight, size and system cost - ideal for secondary systems or startup labs.

Combine analog & MUX headstages in Digital Lynx SX.  Upgrade standard Digital Lynx SX to SX-M.

2 differential stimulation channels. LEDs for behavioral tracking. Latch option for added retention. 

FLED-HS-32-MUX - identical to standard HS-32-MUX with addition of external wires for the FLED drive current signals.

HS-32-MUX User Manual

​High sampling rate: 30 kHz

Low noise: less than 2.5 µV RMS

High resolution: 16-bit

Input Range: +/- 5 mV

32 recording channels with 1 fixed reference

2 dedicated differential stimulation channels

Dimensions (LxWxH):  26.67 mm x 19.30 mm x 1.91 mm

Weight: 2.5 grams

Cable diameter:  1.67mm

Available lengths: 1m, 2m and 3m

Connector Option #1: Omnetics 44 socket (Female) dual row nano connector with 2 guideposts

Connector Option #2: Omnetics 36 socket (Female) dual row nano connector with 4 guideposts

*Neuralynx is not a distributor of Omnetics parts.

Video Tracking LEDs:

  • HS-LED-Blue-3.3V
  • HS-LED-Red-3.3V
  • HS-LED-Green-3.3V
  • HS-LED-IR-3.3V (infrared)

A Tether Extension Cable (TETH-XTN-MUX) is required for use with the Saturn Commutators, connecting the Saturn to the Digital Lynx SX-M.

Tether Extension Cable connects HS-32-MUX / HS-64-MUX headstages to Digital Lynx SX-M​.

FLED HS-32-MUX/FLED HS-32-MUX-LED:  for use with Fiber Mounted LEDs (FLEDs), Halo 10/18 Microdrive and Digital Lynx SX-M, along with compatible EIBs.

Only on-head digitizing solution with 2 dedicated differential stimulation channels in one thin tether for 32 channels. 

​Integrates directly into the Digital Lynx SX-M.  

Five channel configurations (16 to 128) available, with one thin tether for up to 64 channels.

  • Combine analog and MUX headstages in the Digital Lynx SX

  • LEDs for behavioral tracking
  • Latch option for added retention 
  • Lowest price point to use Cheetah software - ideal for secondary systems or start up labs.

Standard Digital Lynx 4SX & 16SX can be upgraded to support MUX headstages.  Contact sales@neuralynx.com for details.

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