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With ​HS-18-Stim, you can stimulate & record from all electrodes.

Deliver stimulation current to microwire recording electrodes & stimulation probes with a small switch array for each electrode connection to 2 stimulus sources and ground. 

Embedded micro-controller stores & executes stimulation sequences. Software controlled stimulus sequences deliver to multiple electrodes simultaneously. Record neural activity immediately after stimulation with DC coupled Digital Lynx SX input boards

Omnetics connector with shielded 3m Litz wire tether and µDB37 connector

HS-18-Stim User Manual

​Small, low weight, pre-amplifier with low noise, low power and low input bias current op-amps

16 recording channels,  2 differential stimulus lines, 2 references (one of which is buffered animal ground)

Unity gain:  1.00000 amplification (buffering)

Power for op-amps: +/- 5 Volts

Litz wire (shielded) weight: 10.5 g/m

Litz wire (shielded) outside diameter:  2.0 mm

Heat shrink: 44.5 mm both ends

Connector:  Omnetics 26 socket (Female) dual row nano connector with 2 guide posts (Omnetics part # A9922-801)

*Neuralynx is not a distributor of Omnetics parts.

​Available with light Cooner wire through custom orders 

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