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Small, low weight, preamplifier

16 channels unity gain 1.00000 amplification (buffering)

Low noise, low power and low input bias current op-amps

Recording channels = 16 channels

Standard HS-16: Omnetics connector with shielded 3m (118.1 in) Litz wire tether and µDB37 connector

HS-16 User Manual

​Dimensions: Length x Width x Height & Weight

HS-16 (preamp only): 29.5 x 11.6 x 3.1 mm (1.2 x 0.5 x 0.1 in) & 0.7 g (0.03 oz)

Litz wire (shielded) weight: 10.5 g/m (0.113 oz/ft)

Litz wire (shielded) outside diameter:  2.0 mm ( 0.078 in)

Heat shrink: 44.5 mm (1.8 in) both ends

Unity gain = 1.00000

Power for op-amps: +/- 5 Volts


Omnetics 18 socket (Female) dual row nano connector with 2 guide posts (Omnetics part # A9847-801)

*Neuralynx is not a distributor of Omnetics parts

 HS-LED-color-10V:  analog headstages (HS-16/18/27/36-LED)

  • HS-LED-Blue-10V: 1 blue, omni-directional
  • HS-LED-Red-10V: 1 red, omni-directional
  • HS-LED-Green-10V: 1 green, omni-directional
  • HS-LED-IR-10V:  1 infrared 

Each HS-LED-color-3.3V/10V sold separately. No longer sold as part of an assembly kit.

Modified tether lengths available upon request:  0.5 - 7 meters

Custom connector MDR50 termination

Available with light Cooner wire through custom orders. 

Compatible Products: 

EIB-16 or EIB-18 (two sockets on the EIB-18 will not be used)

HS-16 + ADPT-HS-27-ERP-27 to DRS board

HS-16 + ADPT-HS-27-PSR-36 to PSR-36 commutator

(2) HS-16 + ADPT-HS-18-DUAL-DRS to DRS board

(2) HS-16 + ADPT-HS-18-DUAL-PSR to PSR-36 commutator

Compatible with ATLAS Neuroengineering Probes:

  • E-8-Acute & E-16-Acute
  • E-16-Chronic & Omnetics-16-Chronic

See Data Acquisition Software for Cheetah configuration files used with these probes.  

  • Durable, small, shielded Litz wire tether

  • Light weight and small size

  • Precise unity gain improves Common Mode Rejection Ratio (CMRR)

  • Lower output impedance reduces noise susceptibility

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