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​tether free data acquisition system for rats through NHPs

Cube2 is our revolutionary digitally transmitted wireless acquisition system for freely moving subjects. Cube2 provides 32 to 128 configurable channels of wide bandwidth wireless neural recording and real-time signal processing. 

Very flat frequency response extends from 0.1 Hz to 8 kHz to accurately record both low-frequency Alpha and Theta oscillations, and high-frequency Single Unit Action Potential acquisition.

Configurable Technology

Cube2 utilizes a separate, customizable Analog Front End (AFE) interface that easily adapts to multiple Cube2 standard configurations.  This enables the user to optimize weight distribution, record from multiple implant sites, adapt to varying channel counts, or incorporate animal physiology sensors.  With this technology, Neuralynx is able to rapidly develop custom AFEs - in 32 channel increments - to meet specified multi-site implant requirements.

Contact sales@neuralynx.com to Request a Demo and the Cube2 User Manual.

Cube2 Specifications - regardless of channel count

  • Size:    ~ 30mm x 30mm x 35mm 
  • Base Weight:   11.5 grams (without AFE, battery or optional shield)
  • Transmission Range:  up to 10 meters, depending on environment  
  • Channel Count:  32 to 128
  • Resolution:  16 bit
  • Sample Rates: up to 30 kHz per channel
  • Frequency Range: 0.1 Hz - 8 kHz from each electrode  
  • Input Range: +/-5 mV
  • Low Noise: < 2.5 μV RMS (input referred)
  • Power Source: quick-change battery or power tether with no hassle swap 
  • Battery Run Time: 30 minutes to 24+ hours, depending on battery

Cube2 Accessories:

Battery Options – Small (~7 grams), medium (~15 grams) and large (~30 grams) vertically oriented batteries. Custom battery options for longer experiments.

Battery Chargers – Charging ports for Cube2 batteries. 

Shield – 3.1 grams. Optional, but highly recommended for protection and optimal battery life.

Power Tether – Allows continued use of Cube2 without use of battery.

Power Stick – Switches Cube2 On/Off via magnetic control switch for use with protective covers.

IR Transmitter & Receiver – Switches Cube2 On/Off remotely via IR signal.

Electrode Interface Boards (EIBs) – Provides microwire connections to Cube2 via QuickClip® connection. Mounts directly on Halo-10/18 Microdrives. Mounting tabs allow for a more secure connection between the EIB and Cube2. 

Video Tracking LEDs – Omni-directional LEDs for tracking subject’s head location and direction.

Training Weight – Used to train subjects prior to running experiments with Cube2 system, this is a Cube2 mass model, representing approximate size, weight and balance of Cube2.

Signal Mouse - Simulates a live subject by sending an individual signal to all headstage channels for testing purposes. 

Protective Cover – Prevents NHP subjects from accessing or damaging Cube2. Customized for specific application.

WiFi Access Point – Wireless router for communication between Cube2 and acquisition system.

Cube2 provides 64 to 128 configurable channels of wide bandwidth wireless neural recording and real-time signal processing with reliable transmission.  Three standard battery sizes allow you to record for 30 minutes to 24+ hours.  Weight distribution setup options further maximize the comfort and activity levels of your subjects:

  • Cube2 base: 11.5 grams
  • Shield (optional):  3.1 grams
  • 64 channel AFE: 3.4 grams
  • Battery Small: ~7 grams
  • Battery Medium: ~15 grams
  • Battery Large: ~30 grams

Note: Normal manufacturing factors cause weights to vary slightly by ~0.1 grams. 

Additional Features:

  • 9-axis motion tracking (gyro, accelerometer, compass) 
  • Rechargeable battery options up to 24+ hour recording 
  • Receiver and transmitter for remote power control
  • Securely mounted self-aligning QuickClip® EIBs
  • Simulation subject training weights 
  • Custom protective covers and touch-free on/off magnetic power stick

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