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​The Electrode Interface Board EIB-72-QC-Large is mounted to microdrive hardware and provides the electronic signal connection between electrode wires and 72 channel Neuralynx Headstage Pre-amplifiers (HS-72-QC). The EIB-72-QC-Large also provides mechanical connection between microdrive hardware and the HS-72-QC.

This EIB uses the Large EIB gold pins

EIB-72-QC-Large User Manual

​Size (Diameter):  28.96 mm

Signals:  64 signals, 4 stim, 8 ref, 1 gnd

Connection:  QuickClip® connection

Weight:  1.6 grams

Mounting:  2 adjustable side mounts

EIB Pins:  Large gold

​Compatible Microdrives:


Harlan 4

Harlan 8 

Harlan 12

Harlan 28

Open Ephys 32

Open Ephys 64

Cube2 compatible

  • ​higher cycle count
  • less stress on animal and researcher
  • near zero insertion force
  • self-aligning
  • lower profile

Electrode Interface Boards (EIB)