Neuralynx Optogenetics

Optogenetics is used to precisely control neural activity using light. This is achieved using light sensitive ion channels or opsins from the genomes of algae, archaea, and fungi. These opsins are then transduced into mammalian neurons via a viral vector, allowing the modified neurons to be modulated with millisecond precision. Additionally, opsins can be transduced in a cell-specific fashion using various targeting strategies.

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Video courtesy of Ed Boyden, McGovern Institute for Brain Research at MIT, Sputnik Animation

A quantum leap beyond previous neuro-stimulation methods, optogenetics will facilitate the precise decomposition of functional circuitry of the brain at a level previously unimaginable.


  • Maximum Power Output = 100mW/mm2
  • 2 Color SpectraLynx: independent orange & blue for Halo & ChR2
  • 4 Color SpectraLynx: blue, green, orange, red
  • Custom configurations: Up to 7 choices of color
  • No shutter required for any of the colors
  • All colors can be pulsed up to 5kHz at full power
  • Lower cost when compared to multiple laser systems
  • Integrated turnkey solution: All hardware, cables, and controls
  • Compatibility: connects to VersaDrive Optical probes, NeuroNexus O- series probes, Doric Lens implants, or create your own
  • Independent digital control of light intensity and pulsing
  • Real time measurement and feedback of light intensity to the Digital Lynx