Neuralynx Web Site

Here at Neuralynx, we are happy to have recently updated our Web site. Our goal is to make the new site easier to use, more informative, and better capable to showcase how your neural research or clinical work will benefit through the use of our hardware and software. If you encounter any problems, technical issues, or mistakes, we would like to hear about them--please send an email to our Webmaster. If you are reporting a technical or functional problem, please also include your browser type and version, and your operating system.

Web Browser Minimum Requirements

This site is optimized for modern Web standards, but not for any particular browser. Today there are many choices for browsing the Web. The best browsers are based on standards set by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), and include Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, and Opera. The latest version of Internet Explorer supports a subset of modern standards, but not as many as the previously listed browsers. If you wish to use Internet Explorer, please insure you are using the latest version.

It is important that you keep your browser updated to a recent version. Many security flaws and bugs are identified and patched often in all browsers. If yours is not up-to-date, not only are you missing out on the exciting new Web technologies, but you are leaving your system open to attacks due to known vulnerabilities.


To function optimally, this site requires that your browser has Javascript enabled. Javascript is a program environment which runs inside your own browser, and is restricted and controlled by your browser. As such, it is safe, but you should keep your browser up-to-date to insure that you have the latest and most secure browser. Today's modern browsers tightly control the actions of Javascript programs, and do not allow potentially unsafe or insecure actions to be carried out. Javscript is used intensively on this site to provide you with a rich interactive experience. If you choose to disable Javascript, you will miss out on quite a few features, and the rich media offered, but you may still use the site and gather information. It is your choice, but we encourage you to enable Javascript, since it is a proven and tested environment, and offers the great advantages in viewing, interaction, and navigation.