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Scientists at the Leibniz-Institut für Molekulare Pharmakologie (FMP) and NeuroCure Cluster of Excellence in Berlin discovered a neuronal circuit which regulates the hypothalamus and activates food-seeking in mice. Surprisingly, this neural mechanism appeared to utilize gamma oscillations, and does not depend on hunger. Optogenetics helped to shed light on the behavioral function of this circuit. The findings allow for better understanding of the mechanisms of feeding behavior, and could lead to development of innovative therapies to treat eating disorders.
Read the full article from MedicalXpress.
Using the Digital Lynx SX in conjunction with Neuronexus optotrodes and Omicron Laser, they established a protocol that combines optogenetics with electrophysiological recordings from neonatal mice in vivo to elucidate the substrate of early network oscillations in the prefrontal cortex.
Read the full article from Nature.

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