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At the forefront of the Neuralynx (NLX) product development philosophy is our commitment to provide customizable hardware and software for specific experiment and lab environments, while advancing technologies in anticipation of future research trends:

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Powerful High-Density, Low Noise,
Intuitive Data Acquisition Systems
with Custom Integration Features
and Devices

Innovating in Three Neuroscience Research Environments

Estimated Release This Quarter!

Saturn Commutator

Saturn Commutator

Powered Commutator for Twist-Free Tethers

Longtime Neuralynx Customers

May-Britt Moser & Edvard I. Moser
along with John O'Keefe

2014 Nobel Prize in Medicine for Discovery of the
 Brain's GPS Positioning System

Congratulations from Neuralynx!

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NLX is the Exclusive
North American Distributor of

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Tools to Record and Stimulate Neural Activity


January 2015

Video Tracking Experiment Control

Introducing Innovative Technologies

Estimated Release Q1 2015

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The First Wireless Digital 64 Channel Recording and
Data Acquisition System

Hardware Processing Platform (HPP)

Real-Time Data Processing Interface with Sub-Millisecond Latency for Feedback Stimulation Experiments

Saturn Commutator

Compact, Light, Durable and
Upgradable Powered Commutator
for Twist-Free Tethers

E-Z Prep

Electrode Impedance Conditioning System

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2015 Tradeshows

Winter Conference on Brain Research

 January 24-29, 2015
 Big Sky, MT

American Clinical Neurophysiology Society

 February 3 - 8, 2015
 Houston, Texas

German Neuroscience Society

 March 18-21, 2015
 Gottingen, Germany

Cognitive Neuroscience Society

 March 28-31, 2015
 San Francisco, CA