QuickClipTM 16 Channel Headstage

Lightest, Smallest, QuickClipTM Headstage
Designed Specifically for Experiments with Mice

  • Same QuickClipTM Connection Method
  • Smallest Size: 17mm diameter
  • Lightest Weight: 1.43 grams
  • 2 Un-buffered reference connections
  • Removable tether connection
QuickClip Headstage 16
QuickClipTM Connection
  • Headstage magnetically aligns and initiates connection to EIB
  • Connection completed with a simple snap
  • 36 and 72 channel headstages; 16 channel in September
QuickClip Trademark
Simply Revolutionary!

QuickClipTM is a trademark of Neuralynx, Inc.

Digital Lynx SX-M
Multiplexing Headstages

Ideal for Low Cost
Secondary Systems or Start-Up Labs
  • Configurations of 32, 64, 96 and 128 channels
  • Integrates directly into Digital Lynx SX
  • Combine standard analog headstages & mux headstages
  • Only solution to include two dedicated differential stimulation channels in the tether

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